Legalization of dietary supplements, baby food

Legalization of dietary supplements and functional baby food requires carrying out a procedure for obtaining certain documents that allow the import and sale of these products in the territory of Ukraine. Importers must have an international quality certificate issued by the competent authority in the manufacturer’s country, which confirms the safety of the products. If the Customer plans to start production in Ukraine, it is necessary to obtain conclusions of laboratory testing concerning products safety and to determine the category of the product.


    Laboratory testing of product samples according to a number of indicators serve as the confirmation of product quality: microbiology, radiology, physical and chemical properties, carcinogens, heavy metals, etc. In order to obtain the research report, we will help you to prepare the required documentation package, file your application and submit your samples for testing to a certified laboratory. After laboratory tests are completed, a report with the results for each indicator will be provided, which is a confirmation of the product quality. Positive opinion on quality allows for sale and consumption of the product. We can also obtain a recommendation from a pediatrician for your functional baby food. You obtain the Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise pursuant to the submitted positive materials and the research report.