Implementation of packaging in the process of manufacture

Labeling requirements are governed by the current legislation and relevant regulatory legal acts. Information about the pharmaceutical product or any product should be indicated on the label that is applied to packaging, in the supporting documents, etc. Labeling means descriptions, marks for goods and services, graphic images or symbols relating to this product, which are applied to any packaging, label, sticker, other packaging material. Labeling is the main way to inform the consumer about the product. Thanks to labeling, consumers can learn about the ingredients, indications and usage, manufacturer, expiration date, etc. Labeling shall contain truthful information and not mislead the consumer. Incorrect labeling can cause a number of negative consequences for the manufacturer of the product. Such consequences may include consumer complaints, a temporary ban on the circulation of products, penalties and compensation for damages in connection with the discovered violations.


    Labeling plays a critical part in promoting the products in the market as well as in building the trust for the product and the Manufacturer. Information on the packaging, label or sticker can serve as an incentive for buying the product or be the reason why consumers refuse to buy it. That’s why the text should be easy-to-understand, the font should be legible, the images should be clear, and the appearance should be appealing. In order to be absolutely sure of the quality, product labeling should be taken seriously. We will develop the design of the packaging label or the text of the label that is applied to the packaging of the pharmaceutical product and approve it in the appropriate public organizations. We will send the approved materials to the manufacturer and finalize the layout that will be placed on the Ukrainian market in the future. In order for a pharmaceutical product to be on the market, its layout must be registered in the database of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control. We will prepare and support the required documentation package in order to register the layout of the package, or to make additional changes to the design of the layout over its life cycle, and will register it in the database in accordance with the current legislation.