Trademark research in Ukraine and abroad

Free pre-search for identical notations. Connotation analysis and linguistic testing. Search for domain names and brand names Advanced trademark search. Monitoring of potential conflicts of filing and examination. The list of our trademark research services (National and International) includes both standard services, such as verbal or graphic and combination search, as well as comprehensive information and analytical studies that address many factors. Each project executed by our company takes into account our many years of experience and specificity of the relevant field of business, including pharmaceuticals, medicine, agricultural chemistry, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, etc.


    On the basis of the results of search our client receives a comprehensive and legally sound report, what distinguishes our services from simplified and generalized results from the "black box" searches. A report on the search provides detailed results of the inspection and analysis of the client's trademarks in the most relevant registers, both PTOs and commercial. The reports contain not only statement of facts but also legal advice on the current situation, risks and possible ways of their minimization, which will be useful when making further decisions.