Medical translation: technical. documentation, manuals, licenses, GMP certificates

Reproduction of the original with the means of another language while preserving the unity of content and form is our credo. This unity is achieved by the complete reproduction of the ideological content of the original in a stylistic peculiarity peculiar to it on another linguistic basis. Only a hundred years ago, only artistic texts were translated. Now this spectrum has expanded to the impossible - texts of medical orientation, a whole lot of technical, a huge amount of various documentation and much more. We cover all the directions provided, in which we never forget the quality of services. Only a seriously configured translation agency can handle this array. It is our partners that are guaranteed to do their job at the market price and the highest quality.


    We receive the text and get acquainted with the content. At this, as in other stages, clients are guaranteed confidentiality of information. The client is assigned a personal manager who will supervise that the voiced wishes are taken into account and the profile translator, who has a similar subject (medicine, jurisprudence, IT discipline, etc.). The translator does the work by carefully checking the professional and highly specialized terminology in the text, then checking for the proofreader. Thorough verification of the text is the reason why several objective professionals, including the editor and a narrow-profile translator, work on it. The completed order is passed to the client. We make sure that the work is completed on time. Quality translation and satisfaction of the Customer is our guarantee and our success.